Paladino is a patriot who keeps his word

I respectfully have to disagree with a Feb. 18 letter in Everybody’s Column. Despite Carl Paladino’s at times colorful demeanor, he is a true American patriot. He is also skilled in the appropriate use of that great American “bird.”

In my humble opinion, Sen. Mark Grisanti is spineless. Grisanti will say anything to live on the public payroll. His unconscionable vote in favor of that piece of garbage legislation that Gov. Andrew Cuomo hopes will propel him into the White House will hopefully send Grisanti packing back into the private sector in the next election. I believe he has no moral compass or firm set of decent values to guide his actions in life.

The next time you travel into downtown Buffalo on Interstate 190, ask yourself who single-handedly got rid of the Thruway tolls that helped strangle the City of Buffalo for years. That man was Paladino. You can make fun of his rough-and-tumble demeanor if you want to, but he is a man of his word. Grisanti is not.

Brendan P. Cunningham

Orchard Park