Buffalo developer and former gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino was escorted out of Wednesday evening’s meeting of the Buffalo Board of Education.

Paladino, a frequent board critic, lambasted the board during the public comment portion of its meetingfor not adequately addressing sewage backups that have plagued Math Science Technology Prep at Seneca for the past six weeks.

Minutes before Paladino spoke, a teacher from that school told the board that students were experiencing health problems because of the sewage backups. The school is among those that have recently been renovated.

“In a couple months the ground rules are going to change here. That kind of nonsense isn’t going to happen,” Paladino told the board. “Six weeks. I would’ve fired [Joseph P. Giusiana, head of plant services] after the first week. He can’t fix a sewer line leak because he’s in bed with Ciminelli?” LP Ciminelli is doing work for the district.

Board President Mary Ruth Kapsiak, who is running for re-election this year, reprimanded Paladino, telling him that if he continued to verbally attack anyone, she would ask him to leave.

Paladino responded: “I want to know why this School Board condones a cover-up of the criminality of what’s going on in the schools.”

“You have to go. Because right now you’re out of line,” Kapsiak told him.

He shot back: “You’re out of line.”

And with that, a security guard escorted Paladino out of the board room.