Birdsong Park is ready for a little TLC, the Orchard Park Trails Task Force told the Town Board Wednesday night.

“If it’s done sooner rather than later, it’s going to be less [money],” said Anne Bergantz, chairwoman of the task force. “If you let it go, it’s going to build up.”

Bergantz said most town parks also could use more trail maps and signs, gates to keep vehicles off trails, and regular bridge maintenance.

The town should remove the beavers from Birdsong Park, she said, adding that the animals have destroyed a number of trees, built a dam and two huts, and could be working on another dam. The task force also would like improvements at Birdsong Park.

“This is the town’s front door, this is your premier park,” Bergantz said. The entrance is starting to look cluttered, with signs and garbage cans, she said.

“There hasn’t been a plan or anybody in charge of how we’re going to make this park entrance look its best,” Bergantz said.

New kiosks, signs and gates at town parks could cost $58,550, she said. The task force also is recommending refinishing wooden bridges and removing posts at trail entrances, as well as adding dog bags, bins and landscaping at the entrance to Birdsong Park. There was no estimate for that work.