Flight 3407 families incredibly committed

I grew up a stone’s throw from where Flight 3407 crashed. I was in the area an hour before it came down. I bought the book, “Everything Changed,” by Robin Tolsma. It has been so hard to get my mind around what happened, and four years does not lessen the impact.

I want to applaud the families and friends of Flight 3407, who had to endure such a nightmare. I am in awe of their commitment, dedication and determination in lobbying for safer conditions for all future passengers via this new pilot training program. I was thrilled to hear that the Federal Aviation Administration finally moved forward toward some tangible progress.

These efforts are not going to bring back their precious loved ones, yet they will allow me and countless others to sleep better at night knowing the odds of such a tragedy happening again will decrease. I am grateful for all their selfless effort and perseverance to conceivably prevent other people from having to walk through what they did. The lives of their cherished family members and friends are still touching others through them.

Susan Giovino

East Aurora