Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting

Wow! Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to lower the cost of hunting licenses. How generous of him. However, under the SAFE Act, I can’t sell my neighbor a gun for hunting without paying for a background check. Then, when he goes to buy ammo, he has to undergo another background check. In addition, both he and I are limited in what guns can be bought and sold. Heaven forbid that it has a thumb hole stock. Gasp! That makes it look like an assault weapon!

When will these politicians realize that the Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting? It has to do with the right of the people to be safe in their pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. The Second Amendment is the original SAFE Act.

And to those who say the Founding Fathers could not envision today’s weapons, I say that they also could not foresee high-speed printing presses, TV, radio and the Internet. Under that reasoning, we should only be able to read newspapers printed on Ben Franklin’s printing press. You still would have freedom of the press, but a paper would probably be printed only once a week and circulation would be limited due simply to the inability to print large quantities. When you limit one right, you limit them all.

Thomas Pawelczak