Conventus is worthy of county tax breaks

It is noteworthy that Amherst Supervisor Barry Weinstein, as a member of the Erie County Industrial Development Agency, voted against tax breaks of $4.25 million for Conventus, a $100 million linchpin project on the emerging Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. This project is much, much more than “a glorified medical office” that critics claim it to be.

Weinstein also sits on the Amherst IDA, an entity known for poaching businesses from neighboring communities at a great loss of tax revenue to every Erie County taxpayer, funding many projects of questionable value to the larger community. Of late, we have all heard how it moved a liquor store a few miles, from the Town of Tonawanda to Amherst, and gave it more than $500,000 for doing so.

Just a few years ago, this same Amherst agency on which Weinstein sits gave a business $1 million to move and enlarge what truly was nothing more than “a glorified medical office.” What gall!

Dennis Dickman