How can Simon review a show he doesn’t watch?

It’s time for Jeff Simon to put away his quill pen. It was bad enough when he deigned to review the musical “Les Miserables,” declaring he’s not that fond of musicals anyway, finding it wanting and then proposing it should have been done as a live action movie. It apparently did not occur to him that he was reviewing a musical and, if not up to the task, he should pass the assignment to someone else.

Now he stoops to give us his comments on “Downton Abbey,” first announcing that he’s never seen it. And seriously, what’s up with not issuing a “spoiler alert” before giving away the ending to the third season? That’s why people have DVR, for crying out loud, so they can watch the show when they get to it.

If his whole point was to show how enlightened he was on race relations decades ago when he first saw the movie “Gone With The Wind,” then confine the comments to that. Instead he proposes that the television show invites its viewers to be “nostalgic” about a British class system and then uses that as his jumping-off point. If he ever actually saw the show, then he’d know that it does not propose nostalgia.

Michelle Parker