Tarantino has lost his moral compass

As a person interested in history, and especially the Civil War period, I decided to see “Django Unchained” as a follow-up to “Lincoln.” I knew it was about a freed slave’s search for his wife, who was still enslaved.

I had been forewarned that the n-word was used liberally. Quentin Tarantino defended using the word (over 100 times) as being historically correct. If he was really concerned with accuracy, he would have known the KKK did not belong in a movie set in 1858, because it did not organize until 1866.

I left the theater feeling verbally and visually assaulted. The violence of blood and flesh flying through the air was not entertaining to me. The black-on-black violence was probably not based on truth. A slave holder would not want his “investment” lost in such a manner.

One of the reviews I read after seeing the movie called “Django” a comedy-drama. Some subjects are not suitable topics for comedy! This movie was certainly disrespectful to slave ancestry.

PBS recently showed an excellent series called, “The Abolitionists.” A direct quote said, “Slavery degrades not only the slave, but the master.” Perhaps Tarantino has lost his moral compass and is just out for shock value?

Joyce E. Young