Clinton did great job as secretary of state

I am writing in response to the letter lamenting the sad state of American prestige in the world. The writer states that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “must be living in a detached ‘Alice in Wonderland’ dream world.” In fact, America’s standing in the world has improved dramatically on Clinton’s watch. She has been a tireless advocate for the United States during her tenure. I would remind him that the current administration dispatched Osama bin Laden, and scores of other terrorist leaders.

I only wish that the writer and others like him were as focused on other important issues as they are on the Benghazi attack. Might I suggest that he turn off Fox News once in a while, and seek out other sources of information that are a bit less “fair and balanced.” Tuning out the sky-is-falling, factually challenged alternate universe that Fox presents might go a long way toward finally helping these folks attain some peace of mind.

Mark Thompson