Town of Tonawanda Councilman Daniel J. Crangle, whose marital strife made headlines earlier this month, on Monday characterized the situation as a “personal and private matter” and said he will complete his term of office.

Crangle was charged by town police Feb. 16 with a misdemeanor count of stalking and a violation count of harassment, based on a complaint by his estranged wife. A former political opponent and Crangle critic had called for the councilman’s resignation following his arrest.

An order of protection also was issued to keep Crangle away from his wife. Police had been called on at least two other occasions about domestic incidents involving the couple, but neither pressed charges.

Monday night, Crangle read a statement at the end of the Town Board meeting. He referenced his arrest but didn’t elaborate on the circumstances.

“As far as myself and my family are concerned, this is a personal and private matter,” he said. “As an elected official, I am embarrassed for my family for the attention this has caused.”

The same day Crangle was arrested, Michael R. Vishion issued a news release calling for his “immediate resignation.” Vishion had challenged Crangle in last fall’s elections and maintains that political retribution is why his business lost its contract to handle concessions at the town’s two golf courses.

“Mr. Crangle’s arrest and arraignment … are clear indications that he is not the type of person we should have representing the residents of the Town of Tonawanda,” Vishion said, in part. “Mr. Crangle’s current position within the Town Board as chair of the town’s Youth, Parks and Recreation Department puts him in direct contact with our children, and this should be stopped at once and can only be achieved through his immediate resignation.”

Vishion has announced his intention to run again for Town Board this fall.

Crangle’s stated intention Monday night to finish his four-year term was applauded by the large crowd at the meeting. Two people subsequently stepped forward to speak on the issue.

One of them was James McGee, who said he has known Crangle for almost four decades.

McGee was a Republican candidate for Town Board in 2009 – the year Crangle ran for highway superintendent – and noted the campaign never got “personal.”

McGee said he was disappointed with the media coverage of Crangle’s arrest. He also said it looks like people are trying to drag Crangle’s marriage through the mud for political gain.

“This is about someone’s marriage,” McGee said.

Also stepping forward was Dean Miceli, an employee of the town’s Recreation Department, who read what he said was an email from Dan Kelly, a brother of former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly. Crangle and Dan Kelly reportedly have a friendship of 10 years.

“I would never question his integrity,” Miceli read, in part, from the email. “He’s a stand-up, hard-working member of the community.”