Sabres need more house cleaning

It is not solely fair for Lindy Ruff to take the brunt of the consequences associated with a last place team. He may be accused of not developing his players; such as Myers, Stafford and Foligno, and having a game strategy in which you are always outshot. However, equal fate should fall upon Darcy Regier, who set Lindy up.

Regier should shoulder the effects of not re-signing solid veteran defensive players such as Brian Campbell, Toni Lydman and Henrik Tallinder, and in acquiring players like Ville Leino and Cody Hodgson.

Further, he “master-minded” poor player deals upon trading players such as Roy, Gaustad and MacArthur. Also, let us not forget the trading of a first-round draft pick for Dainius Zubrus, and the acquisition of “over-the-hill” players such as Craig Rivet, Rob Niedermayer and recently Jochen Hecht.

The Sabres have a great owner, and it’s time to make wise decisions and clean house.

John Hochadel


Dismissal of Ruff only the half of it

Firing Ruff is like taking your car to get painted and just having one side done.

Jack Driscoll


Sabres’ Miller needs to get on his game

So Ryan Miller is crying the blues, that the team is not supporting him. I think he had better get his game together.

In the first game against Montreal, Buffalo was outshot 15 to 1 in the first period, 12 of those shots were on his glove side and one went in. In the second period, all three goals were also on his glove side, before he was pulled.

Last week against Pittsburgh, all four goals were on his glove side, so now he is 1-8 against Pittsburgh in the last 9 games.

It appears the word is getting around the league, to shoot on his glove side. Either his coordination is off, or his reaction time has slowed.

I have watched replays on what appear to be tremendous saves, with his glove hand, but actually many of these shots were directed right at his glove, so it really was not reaction, but placement of his glove, that resulted in the save.

Rich Pietrykowski

North Tonawanda

Ruff could be picked up as ‘free agent’

Well, Lindy Ruff is finally gone. I don’t feel bad for him. I’m sure the Buffalo Bills will pick him up next week.

Al Cerne

North Collins

Outdoor venue bad for Super Bowl

Next year’s Super Bowl, to be played in East Rutherford, N.J. in an outdoor stadium, is a bad idea and could pose big problems.

Football is meant to be played outdoors but not for a big event such as the Super Bowl, which belongs in a warm climate.

This was poor planning by whoever scheduled the game to be played in New Jersey.

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park

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