Many rural residents enjoy hunting traditions

This last weekend I was appalled at what I saw on the news. People from all over the country came to Holley to protest the volunteer fire company’s fundraiser because it involved a squirrel hunt. These people obviously have no knowledge or appreciation of the traditions of hunting and outdoors sports that are enjoyed by many residents of small rural communities like Holley.

There likely are many from rural towns like Holley who disagree with things done in other communities as well. Imagine for instance, if the people of Holley went to New York or Los Angeles to protest openly homosexual couples, or called for the press while they stood outside a same-sex wedding holding signs denouncing their lack of morality. Imagine if they stood in front of the news cameras and lamented our children being exposed to what they considered sexual pervasion and sanctimoniously derided and belittled their lifestyle.

We all know what would happen. Those people would be lambasted by the press as intolerant and bigoted. Well, this is exactly what we saw last weekend: Closed-minded people seeking to force their values and lifestyle on the residents of Holley.

Stephen Aldstadt

New York Sportsmen’s Advisory Council