Kids will play football with or without helmets

Concerns for safety and welfare of our children are sincere, heartfelt and morally correct.

As a young boy growing up in Buffalo, I spent countless hours playing full-contact, unsupervised tackle (sandlot) football, with absolutely no equipment, let alone a helmet. These games were played in wonderful open spaces like Front Park and Delaware Park. Those are my fondest memories. I loved to play football and open pond hockey (no equipment) as well.

I have a note for Bronx Assemblyman Michael Benedetto, who would like to see some organized youth football banned. As long as there are aspiring young athletes with dreams of playing the game they love, and to maybe someday play for a division one college or even professionally, the game will be played every day and anywhere there is open turf for six to 22 kids to play.

Helmets or not, the kids are going to play. I think helmets on is the better way to go, with qualified coaches teaching safe techniques in a safe, controlled environment.

Russ Deveso