Children have to realize actions have consequences

Kudos to Principal Jonathan Cervoni and Superintendent Mark Crawford for their decision to suspend a student for his actions during and after a club hockey game in West Seneca. I’m quite certain, as a parent, I would be mortified to witness my child acting like an idiot, then disrespecting a teacher/authority figure who was only doing her job and being the role model a teacher is supposed to be.

Unfortunately, today’s spoiled children don’t realize that their actions should have consequences. They can’t immediately blame someone else when they make a bad choice that affects everyone else. Children attached to their phones and their sense of entitlement these days sicken me.

If your parents didn’t teach you manners and how to behave yourself – and to not say anything at all if you have nothing good to say – that’s their problem, not your high school teacher’s. Grow up, learn your lesson and behave yourself from now on. You are a senior about to go out into an adult world; start acting like one.

Lisa Braun

West Seneca