Simon has insulted viewers’ intelligence

Jeff Simon is assuming that viewers who love “Downton Abbey” are “nostalgic” for the class system portrayed in the show. He is assuming that Maggie Smith might not like the performances of her fellow actors. What is he talking about? Is this all he has to offer concerning TV commentary?

I, and countless others, watch “Downton Abbey” for the pure joy of the wonderful acting and story lines. I personally don’t care if Smith likes or dislikes the performances of her fellow actors. I rehash the “Abbey doings” with other professionals over “whatever.”

He insults my intelligence by insinuating that I would be nostalgic for how the “downstairs” people were treated. According to the dictionary, as part of a “claque” I have been hired to applaud an act in fawning servitude. I’m happy to be in the “claque,” and Simon should be more careful with his words as a “knee-jerk snob.”

Shelley Malinowski