Many believe Hagel isn’t qualified for job

In reading the letter titled, “Ugly attacks on Hagel are shameful and untrue,” my first thought was: How does the writer know they are untrue?

He stated, “Hagel is an honorable, courageous, truthful and knowledgeable individual.” Again, upon what knowledge base does this person ascribe these traits to Chuck Hagel?

He also stated, “the charge of anti-Semitism against Chuck Hagel is not only false, it is an outrage.” How does this writer know it’s false?

Many U.S. representatives, Democrats and Republicans alike, are concerned enough about Hagel to delay his confirmation as secretary of defense. They have serious concerns about his capability of leading the Pentagon. Both political parties have been concerned about his performance at his confirmation hearings before the Senate Armed Services Committee. The news media reported “he appeared unprepared and at times hesitant in the face of aggressive questioning.”

Sen. John McCain, a key Republican on defense matters and onetime colleague of Hagel, said, “I don’t believe he’s qualified.” The charge of anti-Semitism is not an “outrage.” It is just one of several very legitimate concerns among our elected officials.

These concerns are not “attacks” but part of the political process designed to protect our country. It may not be perfect, but I am thankful for it.

Wynne Elizabeth Trinca

East Amherst