People who have visited New York City and had a stranger offer to show them how to get where they are going already know that New Yorkers’ reputation as indifferent, uncaring and rude is often a bum rap. This is for those who haven’t figured that out yet.

On Sunday, a man in his 20s bumped his head and stumbled onto the subway tracks at the Columbus Circle station. With a train due to arrive in two minutes, three men jumped down to the tracks and hoisted the dazed man into the arms of other riders on the platform. The three men climbed back out just in time.

Whatever the opposite of indifferent, uncaring and rude is, this was it.

Happy birthday, Carmella Nardolillo! The Orchard Park woman celebrated her 107th birthday on Friday. She lives alone, and takes neither medicine nor guff. “I’m here for a reason,” she said. “I’m here to straighten up my children.”

That’s as fine a motivation as any, but she should also be a burr under the saddle of untold 50- or 60-somethings who moan aloud that they have become old. Say what? Without meaning – or daring – to put words in this formidable woman’s mouth, we will suggest that her response might be something along the lines of “Stop complaining and start living!”

How long can a horse trial drag on? The answer: Approaching three years, with the finish line not yet in sight.

The animal cruelty case against horse owner Beth Lynne Hoskins must be a contender for the Guinness book of delays. This time, according to her defense attorney who recently requested another adjournment, it is because Hoskins is ill and needs medical tests. Scant details of her medical condition were provided in Aurora Town Court, but her defense attorney offered the court notes from three doctors.

If her attorney, Thomas J. Eoannou, gets his wish the trial will be adjourned until March 11. That is, unless more doctors’ notes can be produced.