The Elma Town Board has named two residents to the Moratorium Committee, along with several from the town’s various auxiliary boards, to review and update the town’s building codes in relation to multiple dwellings over two units. The committee is headed by Councilman James Malczewski, who will also serve as president.

Representing the Town Board along with Malczewski will be Councilman Tracy Petrocy.

The board received six letters and resumes from residents expressing interest in serving on the committee.

Longtime residents Joshua Blair and Jeff Breidenstein, who both have real estate experience, were added to the committee.

Planning Board President Tom Reid and Michael Cirocco, Zoning Board of Appeals President Robert Schafer, Ray Boy of the Conservation Board and Town Attorney Phyllis Todoro and Building Inspector Joseph Colern will also serve on the committee. Diane Rohl will serve as secretary of the committee and Councilman Michael Nolan will serve as an alternate for the town. Drew Reilly of Wendel Duchsherer will advise.

Malczewski, owner of Modern Building Development Inc., was prompted to recommend the committee after a review of the code books showed that multiple building codes had not been updated since 1996 and no permit fees were on the books relating to any multiple buildings larger than two-family buildings.

The board set the moratorium at the request of Malczewski at the Jan. 9 work session, two days after local developer Bryan Young had attempted to apply for a permit for 14 four-unit apartment buildings on an 80-acre site, previously Camp Centerland on Bullis Road. The moratorium went into effect immediately as an emergency bridge measure, and a public hearing was held later.