Thoughtful debate needed to tackle nation’s problems

In a recent News editorial, the writer states that “The vision offered by the Republican Party in recent years is that immigrants are bad, raising taxes is treasonous, climate change is a fantasy and women don’t get pregnant when they are raped legitimately.”

As long as alleged adults put things like this forward as fact, or as “beliefs” that they have, there can be no discussion that leads toward solutions to anything. While this offering might be pleasing to many of the pure partisan readers, it is nothing more than propaganda.

No other country in the world doesn’t enforce, or at least attempt to enforce, its immigration laws. History shows us the very valid arguments against onerous taxes on the population. The earth’s climate has changed in a cyclical fashion for millions of years. Should we ignore our own ability to become energy self-sufficient, while we buy energy and goods produced by unrestricted polluters like China? The ridiculous statement made about rape should be marginalized, and it has been. We need more than propaganda to tackle the huge issues we face. We could use some “adult supervision.”

Patrick McLaughlin