A 21-year-old Parker Avenue man has been charged with criminal possession of stolen property and grand larceny for stealing several thousand dollars worth property and cash from the Buffalo Zoo since last summer.

When police arrested Ian Libglid, 21, Wednesday evening they reported finding firearms and shotgun shells, cash, liquor, lottery tickets, a paint gun, a dart gun, a Nintendo Wii and a medical kit in his home and car.

Libglid is charged with fourth-degree grand larceny and fifth-degree criminal possession of stolen property for thefts from last July 1 to Feb. 15. The items were reported stolen from the zoo’s Elephant House, Gorilla House and the hospital and offices after the facility had closed.

Libglid was released on bail from the Erie County Holding Center after spending two nights in the downtown lockup.

Lt. Michael March and Detectives Margaret Dragone and Edwin Perez of the Hertel District reported finding firearms in an upstairs bedroom in his home at 275 Parker.

Among the stolen property recovered from Libglid’s bedroom and the trunk of his car were shotguns and a rifle.

The car reportedly contained an estimated $2,500 in liquor, cash, lottery cards, a dart gun, a Nintendo Wii, all stolen from offices at the zoo between 5 p.m. to about 1 a.m. on various days since July.

The stolen items reportedly included several bottles of gin, vodka and scotch, according to the police report.

Libglid is accused of stealing three shotguns and a rifle from gun cases at the zoo’s Elephant House and its Gorilla House and a firearm from the zoo’s hospital.