Ugly attacks on Hagel are shameful, untrue

Surely both political parties have the right to stand in the way of any individual’s important governmental appointment if there is a legitimate reason for such action. That privilege is guaranteed in our Constitution. However, when one party puts political partisanship head of America’s future, there’s cause for immediate alarm.

The conspicuous and dishonorable charge of anti-Semitism against Chuck Hagel is not only false, it is an outrage. It was George Washington who cautioned us against “foreign entanglements.” Hagel warns us – as well he might – to take charge of our own international affairs and not allow any foreign president or prime minister to dictate policy, particularly when it comes to making war. Aren’t we still reeling from our profound and deadly mistake in Iraq?

The battle going on now regarding Hagel’s appointment, among other skirmishes, will test our country’s ability to shrug off the unwise counsel given it by any country whose own selfish interests lure us into dark areas. Hagel is an honorable, courageous, truthful and knowledgeable individual. He will protect us against those who falsely “cry wolf” too often. God help him in this situation.

Maurilio Gianadda