Women should be able to serve in priesthood

Some of the decisions made by the Vatican are disappointing and discouraging. On the one hand, the Vatican is now allowing selected married Anglican priests who choose to convert to Catholicism to become ordained Catholic priests. On the other hand, the Vatican will not allow celibate nuns who have the calling to become ordained priests. Married male priests versus celibate nun priests; what a pity they cannot both serve God in the priesthood.

In a 1994 apostolic letter, Pope John Paul II declared that the church has “no authority” to ordain women. Who gave the church authority to ordain men? Maybe they were men who believed they had the authority of God on earth. I suspect God is being misinterpreted.

I applaud the conviction of former Mary-knoll priest Roy Bourgeois not to recant his support for women’s ordination, as reported in the Feb. 16 News.

Marguerite Battaglia