Giving students iPads exposes them to threats

After reading the article about the increasing use of iPads in Western New York classrooms, I could not remain silent. My son’s high school instituted use of iPads for all students this year. The advantages of this new technology were detailed in the article of Feb. 14. The darker side of these devices needs to be known as well.

There are two very dangerous threats to young people who are often too young to understand or regulate these threats. One is pornography. A child does not need to go looking for this evil, it will find him or her. Pornography addiction has been identified as similar to heroin addiction, almost as difficult to overcome. These are not your old-time girly magazine images. They include a range of images and videos, including bestiality and pedophilia.

The other threat is online gaming. Not only are these children able to access the most violent of online games, they are prone to becoming addicted to those as well. The most common response I get from parents is, “My child would never…” Everyone needs to realize that the best of kids are capable of being sucked in by these evils. And schools abdicate their responsibility when they fail to equip every parent with the tools to fight them. Ignorance is no excuse.

Maureen Pratt