Drones save the lives of American soldiers

I have been giving thought to the much-discussed pros and cons of the use of Predator drones by the U.S. military. The debate regarding the moral, ethical and constitutional correctness is frequently discussed. I am of the mindset that we do what we must to dissuade the enemy, even at the risk of being assaulted by those who find this practice appalling and unconstitutional.

These same people are generally mute when it comes to the atrocities done to us and others. They use the Constitution, much like others who come to the country and try to force their values on us. They say what they like, stomp on our flag, mock our grieving parents of soldiers, cover their identities, use our resources, prey on our generosity and smugly claim that they want the protections and benefits of our great country.

Where are these same indignant people when our troops are killed, maimed by IEDs and shot by people they have trained to protect their own country? We have used the drones to eliminate the worst of those whose commitment is to the destruction of our country. Yes, there have been some innocent lives lost, even though the military tries to minimize that as best possible and still be effective. Why not reduce our ability, level the playing field, put away all of our high-tech weapons and see our men get killed so we can say we fought a fair battle? Does any style of combat try to reduce its tactical advantage to protect the enemy, and put its own forces in greater danger?

Let those who worry more about the others send their sons and daughters to the front line. I’m not a warmonger, nor am I in favor of wars versus peaceful resolutions, but I am sick and tired of fighting amongst ourselves at home while the country dodges one hurdle after another to accomplish what our enemies do unimpeded.

Peter Hewett