Cuomo should end hidden energy tax

We have until Thursday to petition Gov. Andrew Cuomo to cut a hidden energy tax. It is called the Temporary State Energy and Utility Service Conservation Assessment. It may be called “NY State Assessment” on some utility bills. Our state legislators apparently think that it should be a permanent tax. They just extended it in Albany.

The tax was originally passed to raise money for the state during the financial crisis. The crisis is over. The hidden tax should end. I urge everyone to ask Cuomo to amend the 2013-14 Executive Budget recommendation and remove TED Part N.

When a government taxes energy, it is restricting productivity. Taxes on electricity and natural gas are slowing New York’s recovery. The cost is high. TED Part N will cost all of us $236 million in 2014 and $2.8 billion over the next six years. Cuomo is a reasonable man who claims to be serious about reducing taxes. Let us all ask him to strike out TED Part N.

John Burt

President, Power Management Co.