Romance, Buffalo-style

If Trader Joe's wants to cut it here, they should study Camillo's Sloan Supermarket. The little corner store that had a Valentine's Day Sweetheart Special – for $20, you got dinner for two including two 8-ounce strip steaks, a bag of shrimp, two 3-ounce lobster tails, salad, two twice-baked potatoes and two packaged cookies 'n' cream pie. On Feb. 13, the place was jammed. More than 700 of the specials were already sold – Buzz bought two – and clerks were wheeling up more every minute, barking to customers: “Don't forget your bag of salad!” So romantic! They'll do it again next year. Meanwhile, watch for other specials, including 40-pound boxes of chicken, $1.69 pork loins averaging 18 pounds, and Grandma Camillo's Stuffed Meatball of the Week.

Meteor Central

That blinding, blazing burst of light created by that meteor hitting Russia – it reached here! Immediately after the disaster, the international spotlight shot to the American Meteor Society, headquartered, incredibly, in little Geneseo. The American Meteor Society was quoted in news reports all over the world.

Then when a smaller meteor weighed in over San Francisco, there was the American Meteor Society again, projecting, prognosticating, pontificating. Who knew this center was there? What publicity for our area! We note, though, that most reports wrote not “Geneseo” but “Genesee.” Might be time to ratchet up production of that Cream Ale.

Rocky start

Buzz couldn't make it to Mass on Ash Wednesday, and the Catholic Church doesn't do drive-through ashes. So we popped into St. Benedict's in Eggertsville, where they had 12 hours of ashes and confession. Eager to be freed from our copious sins, knelt and waited for the confessional to free up. We waited. And waited. No one went in. No one went out.

It must be empty, we decided. We walked over, inched the curtain aside and – horrors, someone was in there! It was like surprising someone in the restroom! Oh, dear. This is going to be one of those Lents. The writing is on the wall. It's also in the Tops ad this week, by the way. “There is a '10 for $10 Lenten Savings' section,” a friend points out. “There's pasta, sauce, fish, vegetables, and … M&Ms?” Another friend answered: “People who hate M&Ms eat them during Lent.”

The buzz

Unbelievable, how beer companies demand that you state your birthdate just to view their websites. What is this, some law? Look, pour us one, and then maybe we'll start divulging personal details. … Cheers to Nat Merchant, playing Kleinhans Music Hall in one of those earth mother dresses she always used to wear. It's a refreshing change from other singers we could name who, as our grandmothers would say, leave nothing to the imagination. The big unanswered question, though: Might Merchant be persuaded to take the stage with the 10,000 Maniacs on June 22, when they play the Sportsmen's? Come on, everyone must be wondering.


“This room – Sportsmen's Tavern – was full of high-energy romance.”

– Country musician Rodney Crowell, quoted on Sportsmen's website