‘Shorter lives’ are not reflection of health care

Included in the studies cited of higher rates of “shorter lives” in the United States are “car wrecks and gun violence.” Even the best health care system in the world, including the much-acclaimed Obamacare, won’t prevent deaths caused by these two events unless America is willing to deal with gun violence issues and make automobiles safer. Deaths caused by these two incidents are not a reflection of our health care system.

Also, the study’s major gauge in the report is that America has the highest infant mortality rate among high-income countries. It is interesting to note that in this case, U.S. doctors are much more aggressive than foreign counterparts about trying to save premature babies. Thousands of babies who would have been declared stillborn in other countries and never given a chance at life are saved in the United States. The percentage of premature births in America is 65 percent higher than Britain and about double the rates in Finland and Greece. The American health care system is not perfect, but manipulating data to justify mimicking overseas health care systems is flawed as well.

Roy T. Lindberg