Paladino’s credibility has hit rock bottom

The incisive Feb. 13 News article, “Rallies show two sides of gun control issue,” continues to show the declining credibility of Carl Paladino. Ironically, I voted for him and frequently admired him for his scrappy deliveries and his willingness to speak plainly in terms that many times were not politically correct. That “Jimmy Griffin thing” he almost had going on was very refreshing to a lot of us.

Now we see him making personal attacks and not addressing the issues as the leader he could have been. We witness him instead embracing the radical fringe of the Republican Party, and reducing himself to unwarranted and reckless name calling. He is quoted as calling State Sen. Mark Grisanti “a misery from our area.” One needs only to go to the record to comprehend the ludicrousness of this divisive comment.

Grisanti is a “clean” fighter, unlike Paladino, and the distressing thing is, I could not vote for Grisanti since I do not reside in his district. I suppose Paladino just hit the old credibility nerve when he singled out someone who has the ballistics to take a stand on the issues alone, and who does not resort to childish posturing.

The subsequent article in the same issue, “Paladino gives Post columnist obscene gesture,” just adds more fodder to the former gubernatorial candidate’s descent into the realm of the ridiculous. Sadly, enough actions like these will only relegate him to a spot that earns him an answer on the game show “Jeopardy,” in the category of “Ignominious Ends.”

These days, regrettably, I think that Paladino’s antics are leaving a lot of Western New Yorkers shaking their heads and simply asking, “Who is this guy?”

Brendan J. Cunningham