Employees indeed love animals at Buffalo Zoo

In response to the writer who expressed her views on zookeepers not “loving” their animals, the zookeepers and volunteers who work at the zoo do indeed love their animals. The keepers and volunteers did not put the animals there and have no say as to whether or not they are returned to the wild. Most of these animals were born in captivity and would never survive in the wild. The keepers, volunteers and veterinarians provide an invaluable service to the lives of these animals and do their best to keep them active and engaged.

Did the writer see the news clip of the Canisius College students who, through their animal enhancement classes, went to the zoo to engage the animals in activities to alleviate their boredom? Did she do any research as to what is done on a daily basis for the care and comfort of these exotic animals? The keepers go above and beyond their “regular” jobs to make sure these animals are properly taken care of as best as possible.

Several years ago, it was proposed to give Buffalo a state-of-the-art zoo on the waterfront. Money was in the coffers from Albany, plans were in place and yet the public declined improvement on the grounds that the neighborhood did not want to lose its tiny zoo. Had this zoo been built, these animals would have better exhibits to call home. We not only would have had a great new zoo, but we could have used the Delaware Park facility as an educational center, breeding center, children’s zoo and informational center.

Yes, the keepers and volunteers get to go home at the end of their day, but that does not mean they don’t bring their work home with them. They are constantly thinking of the animals. Maybe the writer should talk to one of the keepers or volunteers before she condemns those who really love the animals.

Mary Jane Runkel