Push for hydrofracking is being driven by greed

We have a double standard in New York State. Those who live in Western New York are second-class citizens. We pay the same taxes as everyone else, but do not get the same protection.

We have been sold out by greedy politicians who are willing to give high-volume horizontal hydraulic fracking a license in Western New York, but ban it elsewhere in the state, letting us suffer from their greed. If it is not safe for the whole state, it is not safe for Western New York.

It’s all about greed – greed from the oil companies, greed from the lawyers obtaining leases and lawsuits, greed from the land owners and from politicians taking money for their campaign war chests, and selling their vote.

Business people and oil companies want to make money now, and damn the health and safety of the next generation and their clean-up costs, resulting from their mistakes. Fracking companies ruin land, destroy natural resources, pollute water and create waste.

We do not know how much damage has been done in Pennsylvania and other states because the oil companies settle out of court with gag orders as part of the settlements, so the victims cannot speak out. The oil companies spend millions on publicity. They don’t tell us that insurance companies will not cover claims caused by fracking, that’s how bad it is.

Please investigate horizontal hydraulic fracking for yourself, and then contact your local political leaders with whatever decision you have come to. I have, and I am against fracking at this time. It is not safe. Please protect our children and the state’s resources.

Patrick C. Murphy

Councilman, Town of Colden