Both parties should let budget cuts take effect

It appears that neither political party has the gumption to address the budget crisis. All this political prepositioning nonsense is an insult to the thinking citizen because it doesn’t provide a viable solution to the budget problem. Our legislators lack the courage to cut any department of the government by even 1 percent. How will they find the courage to balance the budget? Therefore, why not let the automatic budget cuts take effect and create three winners?

The general public would be one of the winners because corrective actions would be taken to reduce the debt. Both political parties would be the other winners because both would have the opportunity to blame the opposing party for the resulting reductions. And they would be winners in that they would both achieve some of their objectives from the budget cuts.

Consequently, they might learn to cooperate to address needed adjustments that would be necessary for military and social program shortcomings. This might also prevent some of the obstructionism that will be practiced when individual legislators’ pork-spending programs are being addressed.

I urge our “public servants” to get serious about reducing waste by the government, whether it be for non-required military programs or abuses of social welfare programs.

Ralph R. Pawlak