Ruff remains the constant for years of mediocrity

Ryan Miller explaining away loss after loss. Lindy Ruff talking about one thing or another. Stafford not scoring year after year. The extremely overpaid defensive corps looking like 13- or 14 year-olds out on the ice. When do the excuses end and the Sabres start winning consistently?

I’m no hockey expert. However, the one constant through all these years of mediocrity is Coach Ruff. Pegula is spending a lot of money (what was he thinking when he thought Christian Erhoff was a good defenseman?). They play in a way that fails to live up to the Sabres nickname.

Mike Ciko


Coaching isn’t the problem with the Buffalo Sabres

The Sabres have more turnovers than Pepperidge Farms. As much as this coaching staff is maligned, the players are simply not executing the coaching staff’s game plan.

Are more players still a prospect? Or are they suspect? I don’t think Myers is dedicated, he is out of shape. If this is another non-playoff team, play all the younger players and see what we have for next year.

James Furcoat


Pegula making mistake sticking with R&R

Terry Pegula stated that when he purchased the Buffalo Sabres, “I will do whatever it takes to win the Stanley Cup.” After a dismal season last year and another one occurring this year, the only cup Mr. Pegula is going to see is his coffee cup.

Bucky Gleason’s article in Sunday’s sport page was well written and exploits the failures and tenure of the Sabres management team that consists of Darcy Regier, Lindy Ruff and others.

Mr. Pegula got hoodwinked into giving Regier a new contract before the season even started and retaining Ruff as coach. Apparently, Terry has taken a page out of the Bills’ playbook. This recent show of loyalty lacks merit and will lead to a decline in the fan base that comes with a losing team.

I wonder if Mr. Pegula, a very successful businessman, would retain this same management team to lead his oil-well drilling business if it was starting to unravel and run amok like the Sabres organization. As time goes by, what you see and witness on the ice is what you can expect in the future.

Tony Hammill


Ruff’s strategy continues to hold back the Sabres

Shoot baby shoot, should be the war cry of Lindy Ruff. His pass, pass, pass and look for the perfect shot plan does not work.

When you put shots at the net, they may go in or cause deflections, rebounds or loose pucks around the net that become garbage goals. Phil Esposito made a Hall of Fame career out of scoring ugly goals.

If Lindy is to stay, then he must change his strategy. This team has too much talent to be mired where they are.

Jack Silverstein


Sabres ticket prices should reflect team’s on-ice effort

The way the Sabres play hockey this season, no home games should be priced above bronze or value cast.

That is all the team gives us.

Jerry Niedziela


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