Letter writer insulted both women, teachers

According to a recent letter writer, “brilliant women were unable to find career employment” 50 years ago and therefore had to become a teacher, secretary, waitress or clerk. This is insulting to all women in any industry. There are brilliant women in every career. His statement that schools are “woefully lacking creative instructors and principals” is another slap.

It sounds as though this person has not spent any time in a classroom where the teacher – who must have a master’s degree, by the way – has to create instructional plans that will engage students. Depending on how long a teacher has been teaching and whether or not he or she is in a private or public school, there are teachers in public schools who make upward of $80,000 per year after 20 years. Not bad for lacking brilliance. Unfortunately, most teachers are not paid as well as those in the business sector at the administrative level, but that doesn’t make teachers, or any other professional for that matter, less “brilliant.”

Maria Delaney