WILSON – Contested mayoral races are slated for the Villages of Wilson and Barker on March 19, while Middleport Mayor Richard Westcott will face no opposition.

Wilson Deputy Mayor Bernard “Bernie” Leiker will appear on the Democratic and Wilson Community Party lines, while Trustee Gerard “Jerry” Kadryna will be backed by the Republican, Independence and Wilson Taxpayer parties.

They are vying for a four-year term to succeed former Democratic Mayor Patrick Kelahan, who resigned last fall when he moved with his family to Newfane. Kadryna was elected to a four-year trustee term last March, while Leiker was elected a trustee in March 2010.

The Conservative Party caucus ended in a deadlock, so neither candidate earned its backing.

In Barker, incumbent Mayor Herbert “Herb” Meyer will face Aaron Nellist. Nellist is just finishing his first two-year term as a trustee, while Meyer is finishing his first two-year term as mayor. Meyer is running on the Better Barker Party line, while Nellist is backed by the Transparency in Government Party.

Only two candidates turned in petitions for two Barker trustee seats, and they are both political newcomers. They are Mark Wilson, backed by the Transparency in Government Party, and Gregory Kerth, of the Better Government Party.

No one is challenging the incumbents in Middleport, where Mayor Westcott and Trustees Wayne Blumrick and Rebecca Hinkson are seeking re-election to two-year terms. Westcott represents the Action Party, Blumrick is on the Middleport First Party line and Hinkson is backed by the Village Party.

Westcott served from 1990 to 1996 as a trustee and was elected to that post again in 2008. He ran unopposed in 2011 for the mayor’s post. Hinkson and Blumrick just completed their first terms on the board.

There are no village elections planned for Youngstown or Lewiston this year.