Who?: Songwriter, solo artist and erstwhile frontman with area alt-rock outfit Son of the Sun.

What?: A new solo effort, “Gallimaufry,” finds Ward working with “found material.” He transforms two Shakespeare sonnets into songs, tackles a pair of traditional folk tunes from the public domain, and offers a self-penned instrumental.

Why?: The term “Gallimaufry” comes from the French term denoting “A jumble; a hodgepodge,” suggesting that Ward has a sense of humor about this fine new EP, which is assembled from various bits and pieces, but still boasts an organic, natural flow. The music – Ward on the voices and guitars, Brandon Delmont tackling the drums and Michael Johnston the upright bass – possesses a beautiful old-timey aspect. The audacity of transforming a sonnet of Shakespeare’s into a pop tune is something we should admire, especially when it’s done so well.

What’s Next?: A party and concert commemorating the release of “Gallimaufry” is Feb. 23 in Nietzsche’s (248 Allen St.).

Check Out:, where you can sample and/or download “Gallimaufry” in its entirety.

– Jeff Miers