Colorado’s Elephant Revival has endeared itself to fans of roots music while simultaneously pushing the Americana envelope to its breaking point. How? By incorporating elements of diverse “world musics” – Celtic, Jamaican, Middle Eastern – into what has been described as “transcendental folk.” It’s an acoustic strain that comes across as mildly psychedelic and whimsical at one turn, and traditional and earnest at the next.

The musicians bring an eclectic array of instruments to the Elephant Revival party, among them the bowed saw, the washtub and the electric banjo, all in service of a sound that demands to be labeled progressive in its scope. Whatever you choose to call it, Elephant Revival’s music is jubilant and irresistibly joyous. Which means that, should you feel compelled to dance during the band’s set at the Ninth Ward at Babeville (341 Delaware Ave.) starting at 8 p.m. Thursday, you should indulge that compulsion.

Tickets are $10 advance (box office,, $12 at the door. Tickets and info are also available at

Jeff Miers