LOCKPORT – Michael D. Agee, already facing as long as 35 years in prison for two armed robberies, was offered a plea-bargain Friday for shooting a man in a parked car last summer.

Niagara County Judge Sara Sheldon Farkas said Agee must decide by March 8 whether he will take the offer. Assistant District Attorney Theresa L. Prezioso said it includes a cap of five years for the shooting sentence, but that would be added to whatever Farkas gives him for the robberies.

Agee, 19, of 16th Street in the Falls, is scheduled for trial April 22 on a charge that he shot a man in the wrist July 14 as the victim sat in a car on Eighth Street. He risks a 25-year sentence if convicted.

On Nov. 15, a jury convicted Agee of trying to rob a Niagara Falls furniture store and robbing a food delivery man in December 2010, both while armed with a handgun. Before the trial, he had rejected a plea offer that carried a seven-year maximum for both robberies and the shooting.