The 2013 Marilla Car Show is scheduled to go on as planned this summer, despite what appears to be a split in the committee that has organized the event over the past 10 years.

According to town resident and committee member Carl Drechsel, one faction has agreed to resolve its issues with both the Marilla Town Board and the Fireman’s Benevolent Association in order to ensure the event is held July 27 in the town, while the other is planning to establish a new auto show at a venue that is entirely outside of the town.

“It was not a clean or pretty split,” Drechsel said Friday.

Recently, Marilla Supervisor George Gertz informed the committee that the town would require liability insurance under the terms of the new events permit now required for large gatherings that are not run by the town. Some members of the committee had complained that new fees were making the car show too costly to run in Marilla.

Members were also upset by a donation sought by the local fire association for the use of its property on Two Rod Road.

“A portion of the committee decided it couldn’t work with the Town Board and the firefighters, but another portion believes the town has valid concerns regarding their request for insurance and permits,” said Drechsel.

“We’re also working with the firemen,” he added.

At a recent Town Board meeting, Gertz told organizers that, although they will be expected to pay for liability insurance, the town – as in the past – would hire Erie County sheriff’s deputies to direct traffic and town sanitation workers would clean up after the show.

The Town Board budgeted money to cover these expenses in the 2013 spending plan.

Drechsel, who is now the new committee chairman of the faction that has decided to keep the show in the town, did not say who is heading the splintered group or where its members planned to base the new show.

The two-day Marilla Car Show, which was first held in 2003, has attracted about 20,000 visitors annually.