Hunting small game beneficial to farmers

I am writing in response to several letters in reference to the Holley Fire Department squirrel hunt.

Kudos to the department for not giving in to the anti-hunting groups and holding the squirrel hunt as planned this Saturday. I am a New York State hunting license holder and I pay for the “privilege” to hunt small game and big game. Many sporting clubs have woodchuck hunting contests. None pays much for prize money, but entrants have a fun day of hunting and camaraderie at the weigh-in. This event also helps area farmers rid their fields of these varmints. The woodchuck holes can break a cow’s or horse’s leg, and their mounds can cause damage to farm machinery.

As for the squirrels, they are very tasty. I did a squirrel stir fry at our local wild game dinner. It took six squirrels to prepare and was all gone by the end of the evening. A friend of mine made a chicken-wing dip with a couple of rabbits and hot sauce because the cost of chicken wings was out of control around Super Bowl week. Let’s see, a chicken has two wings and a squirrel has four legs – I think I may be onto something.

Jerry King