Buffalo firefighters rescued a mother, father and five-month-old infant from the front porch roof of their two-family home on Lafayette Avenue on Thursday afternoon.

Theia Moyer, 32, who admitted she is afraid of heights, said she appreciated the firefighters who helped her husband, Chris, and little Ava down a ladder during the 3 p.m. fire.

Sun Mones, 30, the first-floor tenant at the Moyers’ 2½-story frame home at 908 Lafayette, was taken to Erie County Medical Center’s emergency room for treatment of arm burns he suffered when the food he was cooking caused a fire on his stove and set the rear of his apartment on fire.

Mones tried to get the burning oil out the front door but tripped in the foyer, starting a fire there. He then ran upstairs, screaming to the Moyers, “The apartment’s on fire,” Theia Moyer said.

The Moyers grabbed their daughter and initially tried escape by way of the front stairs, only to find the foyer aflame.

All four then got out onto the front porch roof, and Mones managed to quickly climb down a side trellis with Theia Moyer handing him Ava.

Fire crews arrived quickly and set up the ladder to rescue the Moyers.

“We appreciated the way the Buffalo fireman got here fast and did their job so efficiently,” Theia Moyer said. “We are grateful to them.”

Chris Moyer, 33, joined his wife in praising their rescuers.

“When you are on the roof and fire is coming out the front door, you’re kind of amazed to see them come so quickly,” Chris Moyer said.

Ava is “fine,” Theia Moyer said. “She didn’t know anything happened, and she seemed amused about all the attention she was getting.”

The Moyers, who jointly operate a property management company, have lived at the Lafayette Avenue address for the past five years.

The couple expected to be able to move back into their apartment Thursday night because it sustained only minimal smoke damage. The first-floor apartment needs to have all its windows replaced, they said.

Fire officials listed $15,000 damage to the building and $10,000 damage to contents.