Imagine this: You are a senior goalie for your high school hockey team. You have had issues with playing time all season. So, given the chance, you devise a plan to stick it to your coaches: Purposely score a goal in your own net, fire a single-fingered salute towards your bench, and skate off the ice.

Well, there’s nothing to imagine. This actually, unbelievably, head-shakingly happened in Minnesota on Tuesday night. You can even watch the video on the Prep Talk blog, as the goalie skates backwards, offering his “salute,” with a huge American flag hanging in the background.

The goalie played for Farmington, which was leading by one at the time, He “scored” the goal to tie the game with 3:13 left in the third period. The opposing team scored a few minutes later and won the game, 3-2. Talk about flabbergasting.

I have never heard of anything like this happening before. The only thing I can think of is the scene near the end of the Bad News Bears (don’t you dare ask me if I’m talking about the original movie or not), when the pitcher of the opposing team, fed up with his maniacal father/coach, holds on to the ball and allows the Bears to score.

But that’s a movie. This event went viral on Twitter and the YouTube video did the same. The story has been reported by several mainstream media outlets. If you had never heard of Farmington, Minn., before (it’s a suburb south of Minneapolis/St. Paul), well, now you have. It’s now the town where the high school goalie scored on his own team.

I’ve often said that the worst thing about high school sports is when anyone involved suffers from a lack of perspective. Parents yelling at their own team’s coaches during games, adult fans whining and screaming over every single call by an official and even other adults who hear a players’ complaint on the court that the opposition is fouling him, so the response is to yell, for the entire gym to hear, “well, hit them back!” And these are just things I’ve seen in the last couple of weeks.

As you can see, most of the lack of perspective I see is from the adults on the sidelines of high school events. There are exceptions, but by and large, the kids just play the game.

Obviously something went very wrong in Farmington. According to the Farmington Independent, the player admitted he did it on purpose in a Facebook post; the story also says he has been suspended from school.

What it all points to is an individual’s concerted attempt (with help from others, like whoever opened the rink door for him and probably whoever recorded the video) to embarrass his coaches, which also embarrasses his team, his school, his town and his state. Of course, no one should be more embarrassed than the student, and he’ll be embarrassed for a long time.

Football changes

Approval is still needed from Section VI, but we have a pretty good picture of what the 2013 Section VI football setup will look like.

Due to changes in not only school classifications but in the state rule that governs the classification of teams that consist of several schools, we are looking at a one-division Class AA with nine teams and a three-division alignment for Class A. Class B, which has had a three-divisional set up in recent years, will return to two. Class C and D will remain two-division classes.

Enrollment drops have notably led to two longtime B programs – Lackawanna and Tonawanda – apparently headed down to Class C.

The change in the method of classification of teams that include merged programs has teams like Riverside, Hutch-Tech (both to A) and Bennett (to B) dropping down, as will Barker/Roy-Hart (to C), while East will move up (to A).

For a complete breakdown of the proposed football divisional lineup looks like, go to the Prep Talk blog.

Around the halls

• Other signings in the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS, formerly known as Division I-AA) include wide receiver Chaq Nettles of Williamsville South joining fellow first-team All-Western New Yorker Andy Smigiera (West Seneca East quarterback) at Robert Morris.

Also, Orchard Park’s Devon Leach, who was a first-team All-Western New York selection and the Trench Trophy winner in 2011, has signed with Lafayette. Leach is currently in a post-graduate year at Choate Rosemary Hall prep school in Wallingford, Conn.

• Dave Hoch of the Depew Boys & Girls Club reports that Saturday’s fundraiser at St. Mary’s in Lancaster was a great success in which an excess of $100,000 was raised with funds still coming in. Contributions can still be made. Email Hoch at or visit the club’s website at

• The second Prep Talk/BCANY boys basketball banquet will be held April 15 at Ilio DiPaolo’s Restaurant in Blasdell. Local companies, schools and booster clubs which are interested in becoming sponsors of the event or taking out advertisements in the event program should email me.