Postal Service needs comprehensive reform

Let’s say you’re a business, and billions of dollars are being stolen out the back door. Do you start the process of shutting down your business and curtailing service to your paying customers, or do you fix the structural issues that allow your money to disappear? The U.S. Postal Service is hemorrhaging nearly $6 billion per year to fully fund retiree health benefits for the next 75 years, something no other agency or business has to do.

The USPS has also overfunded payments to the retirement system by $50 billion to $75 billion. These contentions are accepted facts, not wild spin from the other side of the argument. Add in the recent recession and that summarizes the problems. Incredibly, if the USPS hadn’t been set up by Congress to fail, it would have shown a profit in several recent years.

The Postal Service is the greatest delivery network in the world, at the least expensive cost, delivering to every home and business in the country six days per week. Real postal reform must be comprehensive, to eliminate unfair financial burdens and allow the USPS to utilize its network to provide more services to the American people.

Rep. Brian Higgins rightly called for the removal of the postmaster general months ago during the William Street debacle. He also points out there were enough votes to pass postal reform in the House last year, but Speaker John Boehner wouldn’t allow the bill to come to the floor. I urge all citizens to call Congress and demand that your Postal Service be protected.

Robert J. McLennan