Man reveals ignorance on use of birth control

After reading the narrow-minded letter about insurance coverage with contraception, I am offended that it was written by a man, who can never relate to a woman’s reproductive system. His views are clearly written with a one-track mind.

I wonder if the writer inquired about the benefits of contraception. His theory is that insurance companies shouldn’t pay for “an optional activity” and women should pay for it themselves. Does he realize that more than 1 million women use the pill for non-contraceptive uses? For instance: polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, dysmenorrhea and menorrhagia are all medical conditions commonly treated with oral contraceptives. The list continues, and can also affect children under 18.

The big debate about contraception doesn’t necessarily mean co-pay free. Rarely are any medications covered by insurance companies in full. He suggests that the majority who need contraception can afford it themselves. Where is the writer getting his information from? He proposes if someone can’t afford it, then to go to an agency where it can be obtained for free. Nothing is free. Someone ends up paying for it; including unwanted pregnancies.

Clearly the writer has a distorted view that contraception is only for a women’s benefit. Its need and uses can affect a whole family. I suggest he take the time to research and read on topics before writing an unsympathetic letter without evidence to support his theories.

Nicole Celotto

Town of Tonawanda