1. The United States Football League of several years ago was divided into how many divisions.

2. Identify the tympanic membrane in the ear.

3. What is the capital of Ireland?

4. What are logarithms?

5. Is it true or false that sapphires are transparent?

6. Who was convicted in the famous 1925 Tennessee “Monkey Trial”?

7. In the card game of poker, is a full house or flush the easier hand to make?

8. What is the plural of the French “monsieur”?

9. What is the smallest fish? Its length is just over half an inch.

10. Where in the White House did President Abraham Lincoln lie in state?


1. Three – Atlantic, Central and Pacific.

2. It’s a drumlike structure that separates the middle and external ears and vibrates when struck by sound waves. Another name for the tympanic membrane is the eardrum.

3. Dublin.

4. Logarithms, generally computed to the base of 10 and used for shortening mathematical calculations, relate to the exponent expressing the power to which a fixed number (base) must be raised in order to produce a given number.

5. True.

6. John Scopes. He was fined only $100 and costs.

7. A flush is slightly easier to make.

8. “Messieurs.”

9. The Marshall Islands goby.

10. East Room.