Creating jobs should be priority for both parties

We are now in the second term of President Obama’s administration, and I see no action being taken on his jobs bill that was passed by the Senate. I spoke to one of our politicians in Albany, and he told me the GOP-held House is the reason. This bill could put 2 million-plus Americans to work, and no action is being taken. Why?

We lost 7.5 million jobs during the Bush administration, yet the House sees no reason to act on this bill. I believe the politicians we send to Washington, regardless of their political affiliations, should put the American people above their ambitions. We hear so much about the deficit, unemployment, food stamps and people on welfare. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to realize that failing to pass legislation like this is killing American workers and their dreams of supporting their families.

If we let our elected officials know our disapproval of their lack of action on this bill, maybe then we can be a better country by getting more people to work.

Joseph T. Procakiewicz