New hotel in Amherst signals welcome change

Don’t be deceived by the headlines; not all Amherst residents are in a rant about the expanding hotel population.

This past summer along Main Street in the Village of Williamsville, I met several folks from Liverpool, England, visiting here for their son’s wedding. Next I met a couple traveling to 16 states who rented a car in Buffalo because they said it was too pricey in Toronto. As they traveled from the airport down South Cayuga, they were amazed at the beautiful homes. Their comment was, “We always thought Buffalo was an industrial city.”

At Christmas time, my business was patronized by many of our neighbors to the north, here on a shopping vacation while staying at the Hampton Inn. Several weeks ago, a surge of customers, again staying at the Hampton Inn, were here for the junior hockey tournament in Amherst. These folks were from Florida, Vermont and Switzerland.

Besides the fact that meeting people from around the globe provides fascinating conversation, many of their dollars are being poured into our fragile economy. I am highly impressed with the developer’s rework of many of Main Street’s sagging structures, which includes the water mill. The hotel at Forest and Main, even in its incomplete stage, marks the beginning of change, which we need to embrace if we are to financially survive this economy. Amherst is a growing, viable town with attributes appreciated by travelers. New hotels open the door wide and reflect forward movement toward recovery.

Janice Schlau

Prosit Restaurant