Why not shoot wildlife with a camera instead?

I am, no doubt, one of a silent majority who was inspired by the letter titled, “Killing of squirrels sends awful message.” Fundraising through the “sport” of killing wildlife is worse than appalling. It is disgustingly evil.

To be sure, sport hunting is legal. But was it contemplated in our Second Amendment’s right to bear arms that frontiersmen defend themselves by killing innocent creatures for recreation? I’ve always, mistakenly, thought that sport meant two opposing, willing participants. Not so. Today’s sportsmen load up like bullfight matadors knowing their quarry has little chance of survival. Too few hunters hunt for meat on a plate. Many hunt for a plateful of trophies.

So, here’s an idea for the Holley Fire Department fundraiser. After entrance fees are paid, “hunt” for wildlife of choice. Once sighted, snap a camera shot. Then award prizes for the loveliest, most unique photos.

Leonard Gross

East Amherst