Helpful neighbors make Buffalo great

I have lived in Buffalo for about three years now and have met a vast variety of wonderful people. I have visited many neighborhoods and have always felt a feeling of being welcome. My family and I moved here from a small community in North Carolina, a village where everybody knew each other or was related. But here in Buffalo, whether in my own community or around the city, there has never been a time in my life that things felt so familiar.

Last week, after we were surprised with a cumulative amount of snow for only the second time this winter, I truly saw the reality of the City of Good Neighbors. I decided to take a walk to the market wearing only sneakers. I already had it in my mind that I would walk in the street. The temperature was mild and the snow was still falling. To my surprise, I walked upon the sidewalk the entire way.

We have a collection of different folks living here and not everybody has a snow blower or the good health to shovel, yet all the way to the market, the sidewalks were clear. Neighbors shoveled and cleared their neighbors’ walks and driveways. I heard the bells at the church ringing and saw for myself how the people in Buffalo take care of their neighbors who cannot do it all by themselves. I am blessed to call Buffalo home.

Bernadette Brown