Learn hunters’ culture before judging unkindly

I would like to applaud the Holley Fire Department for encouraging young men and women to spend a day with their parents on a squirrel hunt. I disagree with the writer who characterizes this event as “violent,” and accuses its honorable sponsors of teaching children to kill animals “without respect or remorse,” even going so far as to suggest a link with the “increasing violence found in schools.” She does a great disservice to those who understand that getting a child out of the house, away from the computer, to spend time with Mom or Dad enjoying nature and gaining respect for wildlife and its habitat, is precisely the best way to form that “kid” into a healthy and responsible young adult.

The writer expresses concern that these animals not be wasted or treated inhumanely. I assure her that every responsible hunter shares this same concern. Indeed, along with firearm safety, this is the fundamental lesson of hunter safety education in New York State. Before judging these people unkindly, take some time to learn their culture and the values they impart to their children. You just might be pleasantly surprised.

Jim Caprio