Killing wildlife for fun exploits natural world

I fully agree with the Feb. 5 letter regarding the “Squirrel Slam” sponsored by the Holley Fire Department. There are mixed views regarding hunting just for the sake of killing animals and not for food necessity, as in the past. Yet the very promotion of killing defenseless wildlife “for fun” is truly off base.

These same young minds could be led through the same woods on a nature appreciation hike where they could observe various wildlife nesting sites, tracks and habitat – perhaps leaving seeds and nuts behind in the effort to promote appreciation for the enjoyment of our dwindling natural resources.

Rather than exploit nature, these kids should be guided toward enhancement of wildlife habitat, propagation and cleaning the local environment that supports their own future quality of life.

The problem with promotion of violence against wildlife is that it leads to a lack of respect for environmental life. Look at 18 Mile Creek to see the results of that.

Bob Baker